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001, Stay at home series (2-in-1)

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It's really something out of our expectation since this pandemic begin in the year end of 2019, "stay at home" became the new lifestyle at the beginning of year 2020, people says, we suppose, we should, we could or we must do something in this new era of the world. The well known "Wawasan 2020" for Malaysian marked a new hope, but yeah, to protect ourselves from the virus, we have to stay at home since 18th of March 2020, that's a very unforgettable moment, not just for us in Malaysia but everyone in the world. I'm feeling grateful to come out this series, and here you go:

Set A

: “Just stay at home, more scrapbook time, I start to do a junk journal that full of my favorite earth tone colors and paste the daily updates of the COVID-19 cases which I cut from the newspaper.”

Set B

: “Good to be at home, other than more time for family, we work from home and, these days had made us all the chef, baker, trainer, teacher and entrepreneur.”

Watch more here!

Each set comes with 2 different photo postcards and packed with a touch of wax sealed!

Size: 14.8cm x 10.5cm 
Concept by: baoqin
Material type: Linen paper
Made in Malaysia 

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